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Her outward beauty gained her access into all the right places; but she was tainted and inside rotten to the core. SAVAGE was born and Savahnge was no more. This renegade vowed to spend every day trying to get reciprocity for what was taken from her. This murdering machine takes no prisoners. No one is safe in her path not even family! For every action there is a reaction. Every story has a beginning… and sometimes a SAVAGE ending!


Dear Lover is a collection of love poems expressing admiration, desire and deep connection between two lovers. The exchange of energy between two soulmates rest within the contents of these beautiful writings.


You walk in

We lock eyes

Steam rises as we absorb each other's presence

You still do it for me

Creating burning in my deepest places that only you can reach

The air in the place seems to thicken as space becomes limited

Without permission the temperature of our love increases to dangerous degrees

Threatening an inferno

We sense this thing that occupies the atmosphere

This thing that's bigger than us

This thing that feels so good and familiar

This thing that urges us to reach out and physically embrace to satisfy our cravings

One for another

The embrace reminds us of the love between us

It forces us to acknowledge the heat that we create

Urging us to express how deep our wanting goes

We won't be satisfied until we savagely express our emotions through kisses, bites and strokes between red hot sheets stained with bitter-sweet love

As we attempt to regulate this burning desire❤