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Inside Out 360

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Evea's life had to go on after TE`s death and the loss of her best friend. She continues to live like a queen. Evea has a beautiful estate, wealth and a sexy man to share it with. At first glance her life appears to be perfect. She believes the lover she met in prison years prior to be her savior and dream come true! Adam has managed to live up to her expectations for years. He struggled to keep her away from the truth and all that is familiar to her in the name of protection. Evea's life comes crashing down when Adam's dirty secret is revealed. Her dream soon becomes a nightmare as the truth unfolds before her eyes. The man that she lay with night after night is anything but a dream and is actually the cause of all that she has lost. Evea's world gets turned "INSIDE OUT" as the ugly truth comes full circle!

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