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Blue Mirage

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Shanna a teacher at one of the most treacherous city prisons in Philadelphia. She is the fiance` of Tristen Stevens; a prominent young politician running for mayor. Shanna is loved by her inmates & hated by the head of administration, Josie P. Evens. Warden Josie has a secret obsession and is willing to sacrfice anyone who stops her from obtaining it. Selfish reasons is why she targets Shanna and gets her caught up in the biggest scandal in the history of the prison system.

Shanna uncovers a deadly ring of corruption within the prison. Lieutenants, Sergeants, Politicians and inmates make up the BLUE MIRAGE. When she realizes what the warden is up to, it may be too late. Shanna had no idea how ferocious the art of deception could be. Like a caged animal breaking free, Revenge, Dirty Politics, Lust, Blackmail, and Lies consume the streets of Philadelphia from behind the prison walls. Her freedom and future rest on the truth being exposed; but it all is a blur in the "Blue Mirage".


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