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Four friends Sanai, Desereé, Layla, and Michelle congregate over sexy cocktails on their “Diva’s Night Out”. The stories are hot, the conversations are plentiful and libidos are on full blast! They share everything with each other in exchange for a bond that can’t be broken. Business secrets, relationship tips and everything in between are passed around in this group. The women are all fabulous in their own right. Sanai, the free-spirit of the group is known to “keep it real”. Her liberal attitude about sex and life in general keeps their encounters spicy! In their latest Cocktale session No one expected the chaos that ensued. A typical night out full of fun and enough sex stories to set a three alarm fire, turn into a massacre. Secrets are exposed that threaten their bond and make the foursome question the true definition of loyalty. Sanai is at the helm of the mayhem and deception is her cocktail of choice. Michelle and Desereé deliver news that can potentially change the course of Sanai’s life forever. Drinks and tales with friends turn poisonous…proving some Cocktales are hard to swallow!

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